I am a visual artist who focuses on traditional handmade textiles techniques such as knitting, crochet, embroidery and appliqué.

Colour is intrinsic to everything I do.

The form of my work is constantly varied but often involves intervention and installation. I am interested in street art, displaying work in a non gallery setting, adding artwork to the urban environment to engage the public and create joy; catching people off guard and making them smile.

I work on engaged practice projects within in the community; working collaboratively with local people to create work that sparks debate and directly responds to their area and their lives. 

I also work to commission and hire out my giant textile sculptures and other decor for large scale events, festivals, wedding and beyond.

I strongly believe in the importance of creativity; connecting people, building confidence and allowing for self expression.

I live in Sheffield where I work from my studio at Hagglers Corner.